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About us

Who we are ?

We are a marketing agency established in 2018, by Ahmad Othman, this agency has 17-20 employees divided into two different departments
- Creative (graphic designer – videography – photography)
- Marketing (social media management – PR – creative content creation)
Markmakers is more than just a marketing agency, visual videos studio is also involved such as “videography, photography, animation, the studio plays a huge role because the clients can see the work visually and not only as a document. Markmakers was created to give the client everything they wish for, quality, satisfaction, we help grow your account , create content , outstanding campaign, we speak the client language, speaking the clients languages means Unique design that stand out and we build a strong long term relationship with the client, We fulfill the client from all media services ( social media management – digital marketing – SEO – web development)


Digital Advertising is Not the Future Anymore


In this fast moving era of shifting to digital and online platforms, we at Mark Makers will help you create the right synergy between your business and the vast world of Digital Advertising. Building strategic campaigns online is like science to us, where we combine our vision of vivid content with all of the right elements to meet your goals and optimize your brand’s consistency.


Your Creativity is Who You Are


Creating a blog page is simple. Just choose one of blog templates and start writing articles. Each time click publish, your new article...

Social Media

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Harness the true power of Social Media and get closer to your customer while controlling your message across all of the SM networks. Our expertise ranges from integrated campaigns and content to social listening for us to tailor custom content which fits each platform differently and consequently enhance your visibility as well as your real time
engagement with users.

Commercial Video Skills

Our recent work

Our team

Markmaker is divided into two different departments the creative department (graphic designers – videographers – photographers) Marketing department (social media and public relation and communication) Every member in Markmakers has enough experience for his position, we are all one team who are able to share ideas out loud and take each other opinion. Having a team that shares opinions would always be creative because more than one thought is being proposed on the table, to finalize an idea and come out with what exactly the client was talking about, putting the client said they want into reality.

Our service

As an agency we fulfill the clients need from social media marketing , content creation – web development – digital marketing – branding -seo ( search engine optimization ) – event management then we can focus on the studio in the agency that takes care of videography – photography – animation and the graphic designer . our services fulfil the need of the client and makes that the client is satisfied and would build a strong relationship with Markmakers. We provide amazing services to push the boundaries of the platform to a step that makes the client build trust and makes sure we are giving them quality and making them look different in the industry they are in. Giving the client quality and maintaining it within a competitive market is a promise we can keep.

We can guarantee to the client that we will maintain the quality as long as they work with markmakers agency

Our Vision

“The future of marketing isn’t big data it’s big understanding” ( unknown )


Our vision in markmakers is to always impress the client with something outstanding and new, as a marketing agency our vision is to build a long term trust between the agency and the client, our aim in markmakers is to passionately work as a team between the creative department and marketing department and making sure each one of them is fulfill his position and make a strong team to help the success of the agency because together they make a strong bond. Markmakers simply is the place that makes all your dream come true into reality even in the visual side.

If your struggling of poor social media account – need a professional photography, want to come out with a strong campaign mark maker is always there to help you with your business


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